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How successful are you feeling? Adsum Personal Coaching navigates you towards revealing the true self that lies within, setting free the quiet charisma of your inner confidence and discovering your unique purpose in the 'Now' so that you can live it to the full and, in so doing, define your own success. These are some of the 'journeys' where Clients ask me to be their Personal Coach, bringing focus, coordinating calm and supporting them innovatively:

» Pausing for time in the 'Now'.
» Seeking clarity and direction.
» Gearing up in the fast lane.
» Aspiring for career success.
» Securing the 'best fit' job.
» Recovering lost ground.
» Regaining control and balance.
» Coaching for coaches.

"James is a high profile and determined coach assisting me through my executive career transition. He makes difficult things easier through a powerful and efficient communication. I enjoy his great view from the top of his experience"

Head of Professional Services

Developing client and personal relationships of enduring value for over 20 years

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